Rapture Radio fails to launch.

After months of planning, the radio station that was “written about” will not now make it to air.

Rapture Radio was scheduled to launch at 6pm last Saturday evening, but won’t make it to the airwaves due to the fact that no one showed up.

The proposed format was a general mix of decades with songs including “It’s The End of The World As We Know It”, “In the Year 2525” and “Don’t let the Sun Go Down On Me”.

Station head honcho, Harold Camping, said “Was that a promotional stunt or WHAT”??

“You can keep your cash giveaways and Win A Home promotions – we had the end of the world planned, baybee. Hooooo-Weee”!

(Mr. Harold Camping).

Next up for the station?

“We’re looking at other sources for inspiration right now”, continued Camping whilst persecuting religious minorities.

“Those Mayan guys might have been onto something – the music kinda sucks, but we could get a grant for a specialist licence maybe”?

~Coming Soon from the people who almost brought you Rapture Radio ~

Mayan FM – All Your Pre-Apocalypse Hits in One Radio Station

(Coming December 2012).


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Odd radio humour for radio people. Oddly enough.
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