From The Newsletter.

Finally – a radio station that plays the hits from the bands and artists  you thought you knew!

SSBD-FM has them all.

 From Sunny And Share for the older listener to up-to-date hits from Em And Em.

Soul classics from Marvin Gay and rock classics from Eric Clapped On.

Morning show host, KC KaySome said “I’ve been looking forward to this day since yesterday”.

 Daily features will include ‘The Top One At Three’ highlighting the best song to come up in rotation at three o’clock each afternoon – “We’re really excited about that one” commented someone.

 The station tag line is Jack-FM in style: ‘SSBD-FM -Playing whatever comes up next on RCS’.

“Did we steal the idea? Well, yes we did. And some stationary, but we didn’t steal the music”,  said afternoon presenter Rick D’s.

 Other artists you thought you knew include Ten See See, Asswad, Urethra Franklin and Mark Cone.

 SSBD-FM hits the airwaves this Joo-lye. 


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Odd radio humour for radio people. Oddly enough.
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